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Unified Studios is a family owned business that welcomes all dancers into our studio. Whether you are a beginner, experienced, here for a good work out, or here just for fun, we have classes for you! Unified Studios is a dance studio focused on Hip Hop, Cultural Dance, and Dance Fitness. Our name says it all. We really want to be a unified community whether it be dance, fitness, or just a place where you can find a space with people in your community that love the same thing you do. As we like to say, “Come dance with US”! We offer classes for ages 3yrs through adult as well as Beginner to Advanced dancers. The studio wants to be able to offer a place where we could all dance as a community and find a space to dance/workout as well as be a place for the community to gather. #UnifiedFam

Unified also has a performing/competing company, “Urban Scholars”, that performs locally and out of state. We don’t just deliver a stunning dance performance – we teach it to do it with the best of the best in the industry! Our talented team of dancers and innovators includes several quality dance performers. No event is too big or too small – we do it all. We welcome the opportunity to help you make your event the best it can be.

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Unified Studios is a dance and fitness studio for the community. I started this business for the love of dance and music. There is a specific reason why I chose the name Unified Studios. i wanted to make a place where everyone felt included and embraced in the studio. The initials spell US which is a very important thing for me. US as a dance community, US as a fitness community, US and a healthy community, US as a family in every sense. That is what this business represents. Together and United. #Unified #UnifiedFam – CC Cordero, Owner


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We provide dance instruction in Foundations Of Hip Hop, Rhythm & Vibes (formerly Hip Hop), Sass & Slay, KPOP, Cheerleading & Tumbling, Toddler Turn Up,Preschool Dance, Ujam dance fitness, GROOV3 dance fitness, and Kickboxing. Classes Are Offered For Toddler through Adults. We Have Classes For Everyone! Not only do we offer weekly classes, you can also find Special Events Classes for kids and adults as well as workshops put on by local and visiting instructors! Don’t forget about our dance camps for kids! Unified Studios also offers opportunities for you to participate on our Performance and Competitive Dance Teams! Your first class at the studio is 50% off the drop-in rate. Click on the icons below to register for classes. Classes Schedule

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AJ Pajarillo

A.J. began teaching/choregraphing in the spring of 2008. In June 2012 AJ started working for JAMZ Cheer & Dance Company and is now one of their Head instructors. He was also a part of the Gold Star Open Coed Hip Hop team that took 3rd Place at the 2018 IASF Dance Worlds as well as won 1st Place in the Nations Cup. AJ is CPR and First Aid certified, and is a super fan of the R&B group, Danity Kane. He even met them in person!

Ann Sun

Ann is a health and fitness enthusiast who has been enjoying U-Jam Fitness for many years. She has been fortunate to take classes with Susy C. Marks, the co-founder of U-Jam Fitness. The joy and community she found with World of Dance U-Jam Fitness inspired her to become a WOD U-Jam instructor and share her passion with others. In her spare time, Ann enjoys other activities such as global adventure travel, hiking, snowboarding and an occasional run. She also holds a level 4 (blue) certification in Krav Maga.


C.C. Cordero

C.C. is the Owner of Unified Studios,L.L.C., Program Director of our performing/competitive company “Urban Scholars” and Choreographer. She has been dancing since age 3 in ballet and jazz and started dancing hip hop at 5yrs old with her cousins, as well as Filipino dance as a kid. CC cheered for ten years, began coaching for Pop Warner Cheer in 1992, for Mountain View High School in 1998, and founded Gold Star All Stars Cheer and Dance in 2001. She holds a USA Gymnastics Safety Certification, CPR and First Aid Certifications, Heads Up! Concussion Training, Positive Coaching Alliance certification, Safe Sport certification, U.S. All-Star Federation Level 5 Certification for Cheer and Dance Teams, an AACCA certificate. In 2018-2019 she became a member of the 2018-2019 Dance Worlds Board. In August 2019 she was a key speaker at the Varsity University Cheer & Dance Conference in Las Vegas on the dance track of the courses.

Carlos Mandueno

Carlos, “Los”, fell in love with dancing around the age of 4. Dancing is his escape from everything. He started to take an interest in dancing after watching the Jabbawovkeez on America’s Best Dance Crew in 2008. “ I love dancing because of all the different ways you can express yourself. You don’t have to worry about looking like someone else because being unique looks better when dancing.” Carlos has been dancing for almost 12 years. In those 12 years, some of his mentors and teachers have been Prince Ali, Money B, Boogie Frantic, Playboy Yaqui, Gravidy, Zone, Knowbody, Omega, and Playboy Sam. He has performed for the Egyptian Lover, showcased at the Livermore Panam Philippine Festival, participated in multiple Diggs Deeper events, and competed in Texas and in the Bay Area in countless dance battles. Carlos specializes in popping, strutting, waving, and ticking. His main goal in teaching is to spread the knowledge of where dance originated and to teach people how to incorporate some of the ways he dances, into their own style.

Coy Ringor

Coy began coaching competitive hip hop teams in the summer of 2005. He began choreographing in 1990 for various hip-hop groups and started teaching in 1995. Over the years his resume has come to include teaching Filipino folk dance, street dance master classes, choreography for theatre, and cheer. He has his US All-Star Federation Dance Certificates, and was an extra in the movie Beverly Hills Cop 3, filmed at Great America.

Devon Johnson

Devon is a dancer, choreographer, and musician from Mountain View, CA. His dance style is a mix of urban hip hop with lyrical elements. Some of his major influences include Keone Madrid, Johnathan Shay, and Brian Puspos. He is currently signed with The Movement Talent Agency, LA, and has performed at USASF Dance Worlds, Vibe Jrs, Bridge, and Urban Paradise.

Gigi Sharma

Gigi grew up dancing at home with her parents, avid dancers who instilled in her an undying passion for all things dance. She was drawn to hip-hop, jazz, and Bollywood dance from a young age, and performed with dance groups for several years. She later discovered belly dance, which she has been teaching for over 20 years. She directs a belly dance troupe based in San Jose, which performs at local community events on a regular basis. Being a fitness enthusiast, she also enjoys teaching Zumba and Bollywood dance, and believes dance is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways of being healthy, both mentally and physically.

Gracie Butler

Gracie has been dancing since the age of 4. She’s been apart of the Gold Star Allstar cheer and hip hop teams. She’s been a gymnastics coach since 2017 and has done theatre and was a member of the Spirit Squad at Saint Francis High School. She also busy taking care of 4 chickens. She is a senior this year and will be attending the University of Hawaii in the Fall.

Jaelen Young

Jaelen is from Mountain View, CA and has a background in ballet, tap, lyrical, contemporary and specializes in hip hop, urban movement, jazz funk, and cheerleading/tumbling. She is currently represented by The Movement Talent Agency, LA. Jaelen has danced professionally in Los Angeles as a principal dancer at the 2017 Industry Dance Awards, principal dancers in music videos with Charles Jenkins, Skyetunes, O.T. Genasis, choreographed and a principal dancer for Bay Area’s Karizmakaze, featured with Fresh Empire, and has booked jobs in print and commercial. Jaelen has also competed at the Worlds level as part of Gold Star All Stars Open Coed Hip Hop team which placed 1st in the U.S. and 3rd in the world at the 2018 USASF Dance Worlds. Is now a member of Urban Scholars Adult Hip Hop Team, Team X. She also coaches/choreographs for our Urban Scholars Ewoks, Cool Kids, and Youngstas.

Jennifer Aguilar

Details coming soon.

JC Laraya

My full name is Janeil Carla Laraya but to make it easy, people call me JC. I moved to United States in 2007 from the Philippines. I am currently a full time employee for retail tech company in Silicon Valley for 8 years. I found dancing as my passion in 2017 when my good friend and co-worker of mine refer me to a GROOV3 class back in 2017.

When I was growing up, I watched my sisters dance and compete. I was always there to support them. I saw them win and lose in competitions but one thing that I notice was no matter what, they never lose that passion towards dancing. That’s why even I don’t dance like how other dancers did, I have big appreciation for dance. I still remember when there was a big urge for me to leave varsity swim team to join a dance group back when I was in college. Deep inside I really wanted to dance and experience the passion my sisters had for it. I brought that appreciation all my life and fast forward I found GROOV3. I was a student since 2017 then became a certified instructor October 2019.

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.” – Martha Graham

Joshua J4 Gaspar

Born and raised in Eastside San Jose, Joshua J4 began dancing as far back as he could remember. He joined Hungry Kidz at the age of 8, training in urban choreography and freestyles for the next 3 years. He was showcased on So You Think You Can Dance, season 11, as a featured audition. His dance career took him to LA for countless auditions and jobs in the dance industry. Not long after, he was introduced to APT, which is the junior team of The Company, based in Daly City, CA. Throughout his years of training, he has experience in popping, waving, tutting, strutting, grooves, urban choreography, and even technical styles such as ballet and jazz. All these styles contribute to J4’s authentic movement, and will push the limits of those hungry to learn!

Ryan Roa

Ryan began teaching/choreographing dance in the fall of 2004. Ryan started dancing when he was twelve, and has his U.S. All-Star Federation Dance Certificate, First Aid and CPR certifications, Heads Up! Concussion Training, and Positive Coaching Alliance certification. He was also a part of the Gold Star Open Coed Hip Hop team that took 3rd Place at the 2018 IASF Dance Worlds as well as won 1st Place in the Nations Cup. Along with all his other accomplishments, Ryan was a host of Radio Disney Bay Area events and briefly appeared on “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Ellen”.

Sophie Roa

Sophie started coaching in dance in May 2019. She has competed on our hip hop teams (formerly Gold Star Hip Hop) since she was 10. Before joining our staff as a dance coach, Sophie also taught several sports camps at her school. She holds certifications in CPR and First Aid, and when Sophie isn’t dancing, she enjoys singing and playing her guitar and ukulele.